Two Brothers on a quest

Coming from Central Brazil to New Jersey on a mission to feed our souls and our music, “Burn Up This Truth” has proven one of the hardest challenges we have overcome. We elevated our sound, our band, our hometown, our local scene, and we’re not even halfway done.

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BURN UP THIS TRUTH An album written for those of you who share a feeling of love and passion for a dream, who still believe in hope, and who refuse to surrender regardless how dark the storm appears to be.

For those who know that every day is another battle and whose enemies never sleep, who can hear a voice in the distance calling for revolution, and who knows the possibility of changing the world is within arms’ length.

“Burn Up This Truth” is the final product of all that passion and revolt, that hunger to move and change the world. The Behind the Horror brothers aim for no less than a new world!

You can listen to the full-length album on all streaming platforms.
The power duo’s first full-length album features:

The Sound of Perseverance

WHAT Inspires Us

Metal is what drives and inspires us. Regardless of our other interests and past-time activities, we’re always willing to put everything on hold for our music. However, those exact interests are also a source of inspiration – our favorite games, Magic: The Gathering and World of Warcraft, have helped us merge together these worlds of fantasy and the brutal truth and wrath in metal music. We take turns writing our lyrics, so that both of us have a clear voice and a written word in the path we take – in them, we explore our personal histories and experiences and adventure into these fantastic worlds.

WHO inspires Us

Early thrash to prog-metal and modern tones – we are nitpicking from the best of each world to create a unique fusion that is hard to resist and even harder to come by. From Black Sabbath ,Metallica, Megadeth,  to groovier sounds like Sepultura, going all the way back to our roots in blues rock and other forms of alternative art and music. The magic of Behind the Horror is that there is space for all types of metalheads – from the epic sceneries of Death to the mathematical complexity of Dream Theater, there’s room for everyone and we never lose sight of who we are and what we want.
We’re always working toward a more particular sound, one that can be heard and will be undoubtedly ours.

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