Two Brothers from Central Brazil carving their legacy

The Lone Wolves

A journey that started in the town of Anapolis, GO in Central Brazil, has led them to New Jersey, with a burning passion for Metal. Their biggest influences like Sepultura, Metallica, Dream Theater and Death, they’re creating a unique take on Metal and pushing the boundaries of their creative process to many different directions.

Debut EP

The EP “…And the Horror Begins ” was the first example of our mission to bring a revolution into the world of metal, by melting thrash and progressive shamelessly. 

First Album

With a relentlessly DIY attitude, we seek to merge the influences of the greats that came before us we present “Burn Up This Truth” as the next step in their quest to change the world.

“With Gabriel on strings and Lucas on the drums, there is no world big enough for our ambition”

This is where everything begins...

…And the Horror Begins” is a fun little EP that hints at a lot more to come from these Brazilian madmen. The performances are tight through and through, frequently rewarding repeated listens. These guys can clearly play their faces off and I’m curious to see how that continues to manifest itself as they progress. This is a potent opening salvo from a group trying to take on the world. The ability is clear there, but if they can build on the promise of tight riffs and well executed song structures then they could dominate. ” – Matt Bacon

What our journey has lead us to

Creating “Burn Up This Truth” was no easy feat. We toiled for close to 10 years, investing every drop of our essence into our music, making tough decisions with the end goal of creating the next generation of metal music, of proving ourselves worthy of the legacy we bear.
We produced “Burn Up This Truth” entirely by ourselves, we showcase aspects of our lives in our digital platforms, we create content not only to entertain but also to share and commune with you.
Coming from Central Brazil to New Jersey on a mission to feed our souls and our music, “Burn Up This Truth” has proven one of the hardest challenges we have overcome. We elevated our sound, our band, our hometown, our local scene, and we’re not even halfway done.
Join our journey and support us on it. Buy our album and help us push one step further.